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Con Cert Quality Management GmbH (CCQM) has 50 offices worldwide and serves over 10,000 clients in 132 countries. We were established in 2001, and were the world’s first National Standards Body.

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Here at Con Cert Quality Management GmbH we are always striving to improve the customer service that we provide to each of our clients. We ask our customers for quarterly feedback on our in-house team, our auditors and the range of services we offer.

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Find out which are the values that you’ll earn when you choose Con Cert Quality Management (CCQM) as your partner in your professional career.

CCQM Management Systems Catalogue 2017

CCQM is an Independent certification body for persons, management systems, and products on a wide range of international standards. As a global provider of training, examination, audit, and certification services, CCQM offers its expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to Quality Management Systems, Information Security, Business Continuity, Service Management, Risk and Management, Health, Safety and Environment, etc.

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CCQM, through its global presence, provides certification services for exemplified persons by offering excellent programs with proven methodologies and internationally recognized standards, which are reputable as a means to promoting competencies in extensive practices.

CCQM IMS2 Methodology

An integrated management system (IMS) is a management system which integrates all the organization’s systems and processes into one complete framework. This allows organizations to incorporate all components of a business into one coherent system, and as such, facilitate the realization of its purpose and its mission. The integrated management systems have developed into an increasing interest to businesses, as they can incorporate different aspects that affect their organization into one system. Management systems have increasingly improved the governance and optimized the business processes of organizations, as such making the interaction of different systems crucial in helping organizations move forward. Incorporating different MS systems, such as those related to quality, information security, business continuity, environment, health and safety, and so on, generates greater results in terms of business excellence.


CCQM Courses are designed to contribute to the standardization of best practices, with the intention to enhance the accessibility of standards and certification to the whole world. CCQM is aware of their importance and that’s why it offers its expertise on multiple fields, with services that inspire trust, demonstrate recognition and benefit society as a whole.

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CCQM Brand book - Visual Identity GuidelinesCCQM Brand Book 2021

We have created our new brand with the conviction to stand apart and be noticed, by consistently following these guidelines you will help us in building a strong unified brand for our company.

The CCQM Management Brochures serve as a guide to understand the benefits and certifications process for Management Systems.

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CCQM are reasonable and utilize a viable way to deal with inspecting which has supported in the improvement of a decent working connection between our organisations.

Above all else I need to thank you for all the exertion you put in. I am truly happy that I took the CCQM online course as it truly helped me a ton. Prior to this course I didn’t know where to begin examining yet your course truly helped me. All through the test, I was expressing gratitude toward you

…This Internal auditor class is consistent and covers the inner review range exceptionally well. It was a decent test.

The course was basic and presented various key components in the ISO QMS. There were various ideas communicated which merit some thought by my organization and will enable us to build up the heading of our Quality Management Systems. This will help our sense of duty regarding ‘Continual Improvement.

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