Transfer to Con Cert Quality Management (CCQM)

It’s easy to transfer your existing certification to CCQM. We’re here to help make the changeover as quick and easy as possible.

We’re here to help make the changeover as quick and easy as possible. We believe in building and sustaining a positive and supportive relationship with our clients right from the start, so we will do everything needed to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. We begin by providing a no-cost, no-obligation quotation, giving you a clear picture for both the changeover process and on-going costs.

How the process transfer works

In order to transfer your certification to CCQM, we will need to look at a wide range of information. We will require copies of previous visit reports, and will need to be told about changes to your organisation and management system. We will look at internal and external audit reports, take account of corrective and preventive action, and management reviews. We will also examine your current certification, its standards and scope and take your surveillance program into account as well. Following a successful review, and if there are no issues outstanding, we will issue you with a new certificate and agree on a surveillance program. We will normally aim to maintain your current cycle of surveillance and certificate renewal visits.

Make the move

You can begin the process of transferring to CCQM online, and receive a no-cost, no-obligation quote.

Client information note – Transfer of accredited certification to CCQM of Switzerland.
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This Client Information Note explains the main stages of our process for taking over the approval of a company which already maintains a Management System meeting the requirements of recognised assessment criteria, currently certified by another accredited certification body.