Lead Auditor Training


Con Cert Quality Management GmbH of Switzerland, organize Lead Auditors Course for ISO 9000, 22000, 18000 and 27000, 14001, etc through affiliate authorized partners.

Course duration is of 5 days, totally 40 hours, and on the last day, exams will take place.

Lead auditor courses will enable participants to develop their knowledge and skills, to carry out first, second and third-party audits of complete management systems and assess conformity with the above mentioned standards.

All participants candidates auditors, have to fulfil the following prerequisites:

  • Relevant work experience in quality assurance / quality control procedures
  • Required education/qualifications related to the auditing field they are interested to apply
  • Required audit experience as auditing trainees

Con Cert Quality Management GmbH expertise Lead Auditors, with strong experience in conducting audits in different sectors, will guide participants to understand both, operational and technical aspects of a successful audit performance.

Management Systems Training Programs

Con Cert Quality Management GmbH is a leading Organization in innovative and specialized training services in both formats: Distance Learning and Class Room programs. Education and Vocational Training are the main tools by which a scientist, a technician, a worker or employee learns how to retrieve and evaluate critical information, ensuring at the same time, adequacy and quality conformity of products or services.

Business Executives attending reliable and officially recognized Auditors’ training seminars (IRCA accredited ISO 22000, etc.) facilitate their efforts to develop and properly implement, operational and effective management systems. Our organization provides credible, targeted and specialized training services in various fields, such as:

  • Quality Management
  • Food Safety Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Energy Management
  • Information Systems’ Security
  • Technical Security
  • Tourism Operations Management
  • Health care Operations Management