Remote Audits

Virtual audits are paperless, electronic audits Immersive technology. Trusted expertise!

Introducing Remote Audits

CCQM Remote Audits allow us to deliver your audit program how and while you need it. The same trusted professionals involve your team members wherever they are based and enhance your audit with immersive technologies.

You can include remote audits as part of your CCQM audit programs and benefit from a more steady, flexible approach that engages teams from different locations efficiently.

What is a remote audit?

A remote audit is the same as an on-site audit, but the auditor engages with you via technology. It can still cover document and record review, visits of your sites, interviews with workers and presentation of findings by using a range of technology platforms including:

  • Live web streaming technology such as Webex, Zoom, MS Teams, GotoWebinar
  • Live streaming paired with mobile technology such as a smartphone or tablet with video capabilities (e.g. WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime)
  • Live streaming paired with smartglass technology and video headsets

CCQM works with you in advance of the audit to ensure fundamental technology is in place and compatible.

What are the benefits of a CCQM remote audit?

  • Stay on schedule
  • Decrease our carbon footprint and expenses through reduced travel for your team and ours
  • A flexible approach – we support the technology that works best for you
  • Entry our global network of experts more easily
  • Engage your teams no matter where they are based
  • It’s an immersive audit experience with the same trusted expertise
  • Fully secure and confidentially-complied.

Our remote audit experience delivers great feedback and results:

“Working with my client BioNTech SE, we had a great remote audit with BSI. I was able to show them around the business and get as much value for money as we normally do from a site visit. Thank you for making it so easy!”

Sierk Poetting, BioNTech SE, a German biotechnology company. 

Our remote audit methods

We offer two main approaches for remote auditing:

1)   the auditor is off-site, auditing from a CCQM office, or from their home

2)   the auditor is with you at one of your locations, remotely auditing another one of your sites, acting interviews, reviewing documentation and records or observing processes and activities with your team

Nevertheless, of approach, and depending on the individual audit requirements, we use different technologies for an immersive audit practice. This enables you to collect data securely, access new areas and delivers the most effective experience for you.

How does a remote audit work?

Remote audits may be considered at any stage of the certification process. Here are the three simple steps involved in your CCQM Remote Audit.

Step 1: Planning

From the start we will work together to get the right audit method for you. We will discuss the proposed approach, taking into thought system specific requirements and your technology infrastructure, to ensure we can deliver an effective audit.

Once our approach is confirmed, we’ll schedule a date and our audit team leader will start the detailed audit preparation process with you. This includes approving the technology and audit methods used and confirming the final audit plan.

Step 2: Conducting the remote audit

A successful remote audit relies on acceptable connectivity (i.e. voice and video) to confirm the communication among you and the auditor is stable.

Once your connection is up and running, audit evidence will be collected via interview, review of documentation and records (via screen sharing) and observation of processes and actions (via video sharing if possible). All evidence will be studied and reported to support the audit findings and conclusions – the simply difference is it will be done using remote techniques.

Step 3: Audit reporting

In addition to a standard on-site audit report, remote audit reports will also include details about the remote auditing methods that have been used and will simplify the effectiveness of the audit in achieving the stated purposes.

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