Our approach

Our unique assessment methodology helps you manage your systems and risks to improve and protect the current and future performance of your organisation.

Our approach is built on three pillars and extends the focus beyond the certificate to an assessment approach designed to help organisations meet their strategic objectives through:

Risk-based methodology

Developing an understanding of your strategic and operational plans, alongside our knowledge of your industry, allows identification of the key risks pertinent to your sector and organisation. This enables the design of the management system to be continually evaluated to ensure that it takes account of, and addresses, such risks. It also ensures that the system is, and remains, complete, robust and appropriate. This approach allows you to build trust and enhance your reputation among stakeholders.

“CCQM has actively supported Vodafone towards achieving certification for the provision of high quality, uninterrupted telecommunication services across Greece. CCQM’s approach is fully consistent with our company’s principles, thus resulting in a very beneficial cooperation.”

Konstantinos Panagos, Business Improvement Senior Manager, Vodafone Greece,

Themed surveillance

Building on the risk-based methodology, our surveillance activity then takes the critical themes most important to your business and examines those areas in detail to test the effectiveness of the management system. The inclusion of the risk-based methodology in this way ensures assessment activity is focused on what matters most to whom matters most.

Continual improvement

Left alone, the effectiveness of a management system can diminish over time. However, when continual improvement is effectively implemented the benefits are two fold:

  • the management system is enhanced to unlock its true potential
  • the enhancements are maintained long term.

As a result, continual improvement becomes a fundamental component of any management system. It ensures that an organisation has the inherent capability to meet its obligations to deliver both now and in the future, providing confidence and assurance for stakeholders.

Meeting stakeholders’ expectations

Businesses have many stakeholders: they include shareholders, customers, regulators and employees. All of these people want and need to know the business is run properly, and is protected from risk.

An important part of our methodology is providing stakeholders with evidence that their interests are being looked after. That is why certification from CCQM is such a significant benefit: it tells your stakeholders that you set the very highest standards. At CCQM, we don’t just verify that systems meet the requirements of the relevant standard. We go one step further by providing ‘added value’ beyond what you would expect from a traditional assessment process:

  • an impartial assessment you can trust
  • insight into the effectiveness of your systems through the knowledge and technical expertise of our assessors
  • enhanced credibility – CCQM is a globally trusted brand with a portfolio of internationally recognised clients.

How is assurance CCQM different?

CCQM introduced this approach to the certification market in 2004. This initiative had significant influence across the industry, expending the focus beyond the certification to an assessment approach linked to strategic objectives.

We tailor our assessments so they match your business, its sector, its level of maturity and its aims. That might mean helping you achieve certification. Or it might mean helping you use your management systems in a far more strategic and meaningful way. It’s about what is right for your organisation, right now.

We look at what matters most

CCQM’s approach involves focusing on what really matters most. We take a systematic approach in determining what risks your business faces, so we can tailor the assessment to make it directly relevant to the maturity and effectiveness of your management systems.

How do we do it?

With conformity underpinning everything we do, CCQM turns assessment into a powerful management tool to improve and protect performance. By understanding what really matters to your organisation and stakeholders, we help you improve your management system and your business at the same time.